Professional Videos for Coaches, Experts, Authors and Entrepreneurs

If you need to get your message out to the world, you need video.

You may already be doing Facebook live, or have some Youtube or Instagram videos.

But most experts, authors and entrepreneurs also need at least one or more highly polished professional videos that look amazing on their website and show the world they are serious about what they do.

How do you make sure that the money you put into video actually gets results?

That's exactly what we asked ourselves a few years after leaving the TV industry when we had become coaches, experts and entrepreneurs ourselves.

We knew there was a need for high quality video that not only looked great, but was constructed to sell. We also knew that people wanted a one-stop shop where they could hone their messaging, learn how to perform powerfully and naturally on camera, as well as getting their video shot and edited for them - all in the same place. We even provide hair and makeup artists who can make you look your best.

Using boutique facilities in The Greater Toronto Area, Power Story Studios offers entrepreneurs an easy all-in-one solution and access to network television-level experience in script-writing & messaging, performance training, and production.

Special Signature Video Package

 Only Five Three spots remain for our shoot date on January 24th, 2019

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What is a signature video anyway?

Who We Are

Power Story Studios provides some of the best writing, training, marketing and production experts in North America.


An award-winning television writer, producer and story editor, Jason Reid has more than 20 years experience writing for national network television, and for the past 8 years has been helping entrepreneurs and experts create great messaging and talks that sell them.


Sheryl Plouffe spent 15 years as an on-air TV personality and has taught TV performance and production at the post-secondary level. For the past several years she's been a video-branding expert.


With a diverse background that includes shooting documentaries as well as producing and video-editing for national network television, Karina Sinclair has the story-telling, technical and coaching skills to make you and your video look great.

Carl - Vocal Performance & Presence

Carl Richards has spent more than 20 years behind the microphone both on radio and on stage entertaining and influencing audiences across north America. He’s the host of the #1 Afternoon Radio Show in Kingston, Ontario,


Your One Stop Shop for Great Video Content

We want to make sure your video not only looks great but also gets you results. That's why we've developed a one-stop shop to create content that gets you the sales or clients that you are looking for. We specialize in working with authors, speakers, experts and entrepreneurs.

  • Advanced Messaging and Marketing
  • Script Development
  • Performance Training
  • Production
  • Video editing
  • ...and more!

Interested? Simply fill out the form and one of us will contact you within 24 hours to discuss if our services are right for you.